JPepin Art Gallery. A place for beautiful minds

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” ~Albert Einstein

Why are activities with music, movement, drama, and art so successful with people suffering from mental illness? Through activities with the arts, artists can give meaning to thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to communicate. The exciting developments in brain imaging and neurobiology now demonstrate how art, music, movement and storytelling strengthen the synapses between brain cells.

Dr. Bruce Perry (and the Civitas Healing Arts project) has found the amazing healing effect of the arts on the youngest children impacted by trauma. CIVITAS research has shown that specific parts of the brain are stimulated by specific artistic enrichment modalities. For example: the base or brain stem responds to touch; the midbrain to music-making and movement; the limbic region to dance, art, play therapy, and nature discovery; and the cortical region to art, storytelling, drama, and writing. Through artistic stimulation, children’s brains are healing and growing!

Jennifer Pepin, a beautiful young Portlander, is showcasing the work of people who are living with brain based behavioral disorders. Art has been a powerful outlet for Jennifer, her boyfriend and a community of artists who create spectacular work. Check out the images below:



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