Sheila Hamilton

Sheila Hamilton is a five-time Emmy Award winning journalist, speaker, author and the founder of the mental health resource, “Beyond Well Media.”

Sheila’s storytelling resume runs through film, commercial television, radio and print.

Discover Beyond Well Media

Founded and run by Sheila Hamilton, Beyond Well Media offers a mental health screening, managerial training, corporate presentations, and a library of podcasts designed to help people build a toolbox for better living and well-being.

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Late Night Action

A Boldly Beautiful Page Turner

All The Things We Never Knew

Even as a reporter, Sheila Hamilton missed the signs as her husband David’s mental illness unfolded before her.

By the time she had pieced together the puzzle, it was too late. Read more →

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All the Things We Never Knew

A Lesson From Trees

It’s #WorldSuicidePreventionDay 2016 and I’ll spend part of the day like I spend nearly every day, walking underneath the canopy of trees in Portland’s forest park. Read more on Huffington […]
Stop Suicide

#StopSuicide: Four Books You Should Read Now

It’s National #SuicidePrevention week, when you’ll see lots of discussion about a harrowing reality — Americans are now more likely to die by suicide than in a car wreck. Twenty-two […]

Providing Hope After Suicide

Death by suicide stuns with soul-crushing surprise, leaving us confused, shaken, and traumatized. When my husband of 10 years died by suicide, I didn’t have time to attend a NAMI […]
Sheila & Sophie


Donald Trump doesn’t speak for me, or my black and Hispanic friends, or my friends raising kids alone, or my gay, transgender and bi friends, or my veteran friends who […]
Danielle Delaney

Healing from Trauma

Anyone who has endured the trauma of rape will want to listen to Sheila’s conversation with Danielle DeLaney, a crisis interventionist who uses her personal experience of victimization to help […]
All The Things We Never Knew Bookcover

Please Vote!

@SealPress was just informed that ‘All the Things We Never Knew, Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness’ is an #IndieFab Finalist for Book of the year. We could use your […]



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